Moderne Academie of Fine Arts

Our Story

Miss Helen grew up in Scotch Plains. She began dance lessons at age four and was lucky enough to find her passion early. Though her heart was always in dance, it did not come easily at first. She continued to hone her talents throughout high school and college. Miss Helen worked at a bank during breaks from college. Since mathematics was never her strong suit, she would often come up short at the end of the day. But being a woman of integrity, she would dig into her own pocket to make up the difference. Miss Helen lost a lot of money at that job! After graduation her father asked her what her plans were. “I guess I’ll go back to work at the bank,” she answered reluctantly. It was obvious her interests were elsewhere and so her father asked her, “What do you really want to do?” and she shared with him her dream of owning her own dance studio. This is how The Moderne Academie was born. Anyone who has met Miss Helen will tell you she has a lot of energy. She channeled this energy into a successful career. Things have changed a lot since 1969, but the fundamentals of dance remain the same and the Moderne Academie endures.