Moderne Academie of Fine Arts

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to wait while my child attends class? There is a waiting room available but staying is optional.

Can I watch my child’s class? If the door is open during class, you are welcome to observe. A special Parents Observation Week is scheduled once a year in the spring.

How much are the classes? The cost of the classes is $55/month for beginner classes (1 hour of instruction). Intermediate classes are $65/month (1 ½ hours of instruction). There is a $30 registration fee. Payment is due the first lesson of the month. We are only able to accept cash or check. There is a $25 fee for returned checks.

How many students are in each class? The average class size is ten. If the class exceeds 12 students, there will be two instructors team teaching.

Where and when is the recital? The recital is June 22 at Watchung Hills Regional High School. Tickets will go on sale in the spring.

What class do you recommend for a beginner? Miss Helen suggests the Ballet and Tap combination class.

What if I miss a class? If you miss a class, please ask the instructor to recommend an appropriate makeup class. All classes must be made up by June 1.

What is your trophy policy? Perfect attendance trophies are awarded to students who have not missed any classes at all. If you take multiple classes, you need only have perfect attendance in one class in order to earn a trophy. Medals are awarded to children who have made up all their classes. All make up classes must be completed by June 1. Please ask your teacher to recommend an appropriate make up class. If you are not eligible for a trophy or a medal, you will receive a ribbon or a dog tag at the recital.

How will I be notified if class is cancelled due to bad weather? In the event of inclement weather, please call the studio.

Do you have Mommy and Me classes? We now offer Mommy and Me dance classes for boys and girls.

How do I use the Paypal option? Please log in to your Paypal account and send payments to